PRS Swamp Ash Special (Charcoal)

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PRS Swamp Ash Speical

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The PRS SE Swamp Ash Special represents an exquisite collision between value and versatility! PRS builds a small run of Swamp Ash Special electric guitars every few years, which makes them a fun find for collectors as well as a chance for players to explore sounds that won’t apologize for being adventurous. The SE Swamp Ash Special combines the hearty, soulful character of a swamp ash body with the tonal range of three pickups (two 85/15 “S” humbuckers and one single-coil AS-01) and the heightened expressive power of a PRS Patented tremolo. An unembellished maple neck makes playing the Swamp Ash Special a visceral thrill. The “Wide Thin” neck carve keeps your fretwork silky-smooth, and, on top of being comfortable, the maple fingerboard gives your initial note attack an extra dash of bright, peppery zing. Between classic tonewoods and ample pickup options, guitarists at Sweetwater find the Swamp Ash Special is ready for countless genres — jazz, blues, hard rock, heavy metal, pop, and more. How does PRS do it? Find out with a SE Swamp Ash Special electric guitar of your own while supplies last!


Comes with PRS soft gig bag

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Weight 12.6 lbs
Dimensions 25 in


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